Lacrosse Endurance & Stamina - Instructions,Tips, Videos, etc.

Lacrosse Endurance & Stamina - Instructions,Tips, Videos, etc.

To excel at lacrosse, you need to improve your endurance and stamina because lacrosse involves a tremendous amount of running. Moreover, if you are huffing & puffing during a lacrosse game or practice, you will increase the odds of getting hurt (i.e. spraining an ankle). Therefore if you improve your lacrosse endurance, you will become a better lacrosse athlete (i.e. able to out hustle others at the end of the game) and hopefully suffer fewer lacrosse injuries.

All stretches and exercises should be supervised by a trained lacrosse or fitness instructor in order to prevent injuries and to ensure the proper technique is utilized.

Tips for Better Lacrosse Endurance

  • More lacrosse!!! - Practicing more lacrosse outside of regular team sessions will help boost your lacrosse endurance (as well as your lacrosse skills).
  • Off-season sports - Play off-season sports (i.e. basketball, football and soccer) in order to build endurance for the lacrosse season and to add some variety to your sporting life (so you don't get burnt out on too much lacrosse).
  • Jump rope - This simple exercise is great for building lacrosse endurance.
  • Run - Don't just go for distance, you also need to get your heart pounding. Therefore, you need to mix in a variety of sprinting drills. For example, if you are running at a track, you can alternate jogging and sprinting every other lap. Leisurely jogging won't maximize your lacrosse stamina.
  • Swimming - A good non-impact form of exercise. Try to mix up distance & speed training.
  • Bicycling - Another good low impact exercise. Try to mix in some hill climbs.
  • Aerobic exercises - Jumping jacks, squat thrusts, rowing, mountain climbers, stair climbing, etc.
  • Strength training - The stronger you are, the more you can endure. Young kids should not lift weights. Rather they should try strength exercises that use the weight of the child's body (i.e. pushups).
  • Eat right - Cut out the junk food (i.e. soda & chips) and eat more veggies, lean meat and fruit. Try to drink more water and/or low fat dairy/soy milk versus drinking sugar-filled sodas. This will help you to lose any "extra" baby fat. Less weight to carry on the lacrosse field means more endurance.

Endurance Drills

Jump Rope for Endurance

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