List of Lacrosse Showcases

List of Lacrosse Showcases

Here are dates of upcoming lacrosse individual showcases. This is a list of the most important lacrosse recruiting showcases where individual players compete in front of a large number of college lacrosse coaches. These men's lacrosse recruiting showcases are for individuals only and not for specific club or HS teams. If your lacrosse club team is not attending the highest level team showcases (i.e. Crab Feast) then individual showcases are a good way to get yourself noticed by college coaches… if you perform well! Make sure to visit our section on lacrosse recruiting tips to maximize your showcase recruiting potential.

For many of the lacrosse individual showcases, you just need to pay in order to attend. This helps players from less well known lacrosse clubs or regions. However, for the best lacrosse showcases, individuals often need an invitation, tryout and/or recommendation from their club team coach or varsity HS coach. Get help from your HS or club coach in order to determine the best lacrosse individual showcases based on your skill level, geographical preferences, target schools, D1/D2/D3 aspirations, etc.

If you are looking to get in front of specific college coaches, you are probably better off attending a college's lacrosse prospect day or camp. However, lacrosse individual showcases are great for getting in front of multiple coaches and generating interest from a much wider range of schools. Nevertheless, be aware that it can be harder to stand out at these lacrosse recruiting showcases because there are hundreds of athletes competing for the attention of the college coaches. In addition, look at the attending coaches list on a lacrosse individual showcase's website to make sure that you are getting in front of colleges that you would like to attend.

For a calendar of upcoming college prospect days & camps, please visit the wiki's section on lacrosse prospect days.

Fall & Winter 2017 Lacrosse Individual Showcases - Please contact us to add a lacrosse individual showcase to this list or to update info if dates change, etc. All basic listings are free. Please send us the name of the individual showcase, date and a link if possible. If you would like to add an expanded description (i.e. colleges attending, D1, D2 or D3 focus, benefits vs other showcases, etc.), please contact us for further details.

Summer 2018 Lacrosse Individual Showcases

June Showcases

July Showcases

Expected Fall & Winter 2018 Individual Showcases

  • Oct TBD - Lacrosse Masters - Salisbury School Camp
  • Oct TBD - Island Uprising Fall Individual Showcase
  • Oct TBD - NXT Southern Showcase
  • Nov TBD - Adrenaline Fall Invitational Showcase DE
  • Nov TBD - FLG in 3d Fall Individual Showcase
  • Nov TBD - NXT Can-Am Showcase
  • Nov TBD - Adrenaline High Rollers SoCal
  • Nov TBD - National Lacrosse Federation (NLF) Mid-Atlantic Uncommitted Showcase
  • Nov TBD - National Lacrosse Federation (NLF) Long Island Uncommitted Showcase
  • Nov TBD - NXT Philly Showcase
  • Nov TBD - Madlax East Coast Fall Showcase
  • Nov TBD - Jake Reed Fall Nike Blue Chip
  • Nov TBD - Elite 100 Fall Showcase
  • Dec TBD - Lacrosse Masters - Boys SO CAL Winter Camp
  • Jan TBD - Adrenaline Winter Showcase
  • Jan TBD - 2019 Boys D3 Winter Lacrosse Showcase
  • Jan TBD - Lacrosse Masters - Boys Winter Camp
  • Jan TBD - STX Rising East
  • Jan TBD - STX Rising West

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