Lacrosse Recruiting Services Directory

Lacrosse Recruiting Services Directory

Looking for companies to help you get recruited for college lacrosse? Here is a list of the lacrosse recruiting service companies.

If you would like to list your company in this directory (company name & website), please add a tiny bit of content to this wiki. If you add a lot of information to the wiki, we will list your address, phone number and a full description to your business. Help beginners learn more about lacrosse… and your recruiting service! Please contact us in order to get your organization listed.

Lacrosse Recruiting Service Companies

Lacrosse Recruiting Consulting

Lacrosse Recruiting Highlight Reels

These companies take game footage and/or convert the footage into lacrosse recruiting videos.

Lacrosse Recruiting Profile Services

These companies try to put together complete recruiting packages (i.e. videos & player profiles) so college coaches can more easily find information on recruits.