Lacrosse Highlight Video Tips

Lacrosse Highlight Video Tips

This page focuses on how to make a great lacrosse highlight video that will help you to get recruited by college lacrosse coaches. For more recruiting information, please visit the main Lacrosse College Recruiting section.

  • Your recruiting video should cover all aspects of your game. For example, if you play attack, you should not only show scoring highlights but also great passes, terrific rides, etc. Show that you are a well-rounded athlete with equally strong right and left handed lacrosse skills.
  • Include film that shows your performance against tough competition (i.e. opponents from top lacrosse club teams). These highlights can come from college lacrosse prospect days, lacrosse showcases, etc. You will stand out more if you are burning a kid who has already committed to a college versus a bunch of weaker players. Try to identify the opposing team in each segment of the video (i.e. ABC club versus XYZ club). Consider adding things like the name of the tournament, date of tournament, etc.
  • A lacrosse highlight video should be roughly 4-5 minutes in length and should include only your best highlights. College coaches don't have tons of time for long highlight videos.
  • Don't use shaky hand-held clips in your lacrosse highlight video. Try to use a tripod as that will help to provide you with a stable video. Or purchase game film from the tournament (but this can be expensive).
  • Try to shoot the highlight video from above (i.e. from the top of stadium stands) in order to show aspects of the "larger" game scenario and avoid any sideline interference (i.e. view blocked by spectators).
  • Don't add tons of special effects and loud music to your lacrosse highlight video. Lacrosse coaches just want to see your performance and skills.
  • Do not send a DVD to college coaches. Post your lacrosse recruiting video online on websites such as Youtube. Send a link to your online video when contacting college lacrosse coaches.
  • Look at other players' online recruiting videos in order to get ideas on how to improve your lacrosse recruiting video.
  • Visit this Google page to learn how to post a video on Youtube -
  • Make sure that you can be clearly identified during the action on the highlight video. Make sure you are highlighted by an arrow or circle initially in each segment of the video.
  • Ask your high school or club team coach to review your lacrosse recruiting video. They have gone through the recruiting process with other athletes and know what college lacrosse coaches are looking for.
  • Include your name and contact information on the lacrosse highlight video. College lacrosse coaches need this information if you want them to contact you.
  • Include the name and contact information of your high school and club coaches on the lacrosse recruiting video.
  • Lacrosse highlight videos should also point any sports achievements (i.e. named an All-Star at the XYZ tournament).
  • You should also point on your academic achievements. Many good lacrosse programs are part of strong academic schools. Lacrosse coaches are looking for great athletes and good students (who can handle the academic work at their schools). See our page on the best academic schools with D1, D2 or D3 lacrosse for more information.
  • Use a professional if you are uncomfortable editing videos and dealing with services such as Youtube. However, be aware that these services can cost hundreds of dollars.

Equipment for Creating Lacrosse Recruiting Videos

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Advice about Creating Lacrosse Highlight Videos


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