Advice About Lacrosse Camps & Clinics

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Advice About Lacrosse Camps & Clinics

Lacrosse players should consider joining lacrosse clinics and summer camps in order to improve their basic lacrosse skills and their knowledge of the game. These programs provide intensive work on basic lacrosse fundamentals as well as offer scrimmages and fieldwork. These off-season lacrosse clinics and summer camps are great way to advance your child's skills before the regular spring lacrosse season.

For advice & information about RECRUITING CAMPS, please visit the wiki's section on lacrosse college recruiting (as it focuses on individual showcases, prospect days & camps, etc.).

For a more complete list of these summer camps, please visit the main Boys Lacrosse Camps section.

Local Lacrosse Clinics

  • In our neck of the woods, the local lacrosse clinics are run by local high school varsity lacrosse coaches. These off-season lacrosse clinics tend to run every two months through the fall and winter.
  • A clinic is typically one day per week and lasts for about two months. The program consists of an hour of lacrosse drills and scrimmages.
  • As an example, my boys attended a number of local lacrosse clinics in 2012 that cost about $250 per child for a two month program.
  • You can also see if your local recreation department is running cheaper alternatives (i.e. something taught by a local gym teacher or former lacrosse student).
  • The most popular time for lacrosse clinics is January-March as parents seek to prep their kids for the regular spring lacrosse season. Apply early as these Jan-Mar clinics fill up fast.

Local Summer Lacrosse Camps

  • Many of the local clinics in our area also run lacrosse summer camps. You can often find full day and half day versions. The cost of an all-day program in our neighborhood was $550 per week per child in 2012.
  • Given the growing popularity of lacrosse, the "big boys" of the sporting world are also starting to offer their own summer lacrosse camps.
  • Below are some of the larger outfits that offer many summer lacrosse camps in various parts of the country:
    • GameBreaker Lacrosse Camps
    • Millon Lacrosse Camps
    • Nike Lacrosse Camps
    • Trilogy Lacrosse Camps

College Summer Lacrosse Camps

  • Many college lacrosse program sponsor lacrosse summer camps for kids and are run by the college lacrosse coaches. However, these lacrosse camps generally run for only one week in the summer.
  • These lacrosse summer programs tend to attract more dedicated players and parents as they can be expensive and often you need to travel some distance to get to these college camps. They usually offer sleepover options.
  • Below are some examples of college summer lacrosse camps:
    • Brown University Summer Lacrosse Camps
    • Cornell University's Boys Summer Lacrosse Camp
    • John Hopkins Boys Lacrosse Camps
    • Princeton Boys Lacrosse Summer Camps

Elite Lacrosse Clinics & Summer Camps

  • For the lacrosse family that is willing to spend serious money for intensive training, you can explore elite sleep away lacrosse programs such as IMG Academy.

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