Lacrosse Catching - Instructions, Tips, Videos, etc.

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Lacrosse Catching - Instructions, Tips, Videos, etc.

Catching is a basic lacrosse skill that all lacrosse beginners must master. Too often, you will see young players dropping an easy pass and allowing their opponents to regain possession. This is an easy way to drive your son's lacrosse coach insane!! If your child can not catch and pass with ease, he will have a difficult time making a lacrosse travel team. Here are videos & catching tips that will teach your child how to easily catch a lacrosse ball.

Basic Lacrosse Catching Tips

  • Make sure your son has his top hand next to the head of the lacrosse stick (versus down at the middle of the shaft) as this makes catching much easier.
  • Practice switching hands so you can catch a ball thrown to your non-dominant side. Lacrosse tryouts are notorious for testing kids on their ability to shoot, pass and catch with their right AND left hands. If you can not catch with your non-dominant hand, you are unlikely to make it onto a skilled lacrosse team.

Advanced Lacrosse Catching Techniques

  • Lacrosse Cross Handed or Cross Body Catching - Not every throw is perfectly thrown. Beyond being able to switch hands for a catch, you should also catch by moving your stick across your body (i.e. holding a stick on your right side and moving its across your body to catch on the left side without switching your hands). The advantage of this type of catch is that you can catch with your dominate hand and thus are in a better position to shoot or pass.
  • Lacrosse One Handed Catches - Practice catching with one hand for the almost out of reach passes (i.e. a pass thrown almost over your head).

Lacrosse Catching Basics

Lacrosse Catching Tips

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