Advice about Elite Lacrosse Club Teams

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Advice about Elite Lacrosse Club Teams

This page provides tips and advice about joining an elite lacrosse club team. Contact us if you would like to add some additional tips & advice about club lacrosse.

  • Club teams are for families who want to play more lacrosse than that provided by their spring town teams. Club team players often play lacrosse year round. Be prepared for potential conflicts with "off-season" sports such as football and basketball.
  • There are strong club teams in most regions of the USA and Canada. Some of the elite lacrosse club teams include the Annapolis Hawks (MD), Baltimore Crabs (MD), Denver Elite (CO), Dukes Lacrosse (PA). Edge (Canada), FCA Maryland (MD), Laxachusetts (MA), Long Island Express Lacrosse (NY), MadLax (MD), New Hampshire Tomahawks (NH), SweetLax (NY), Team 91 (NY), West Coast Starz (CA), etc. Visit the wiki's Lacrosse Club Team Directory for additional elite lacrosse teams (which are listed by state).
  • These elite club teams generally hold competitive tryouts in July/Aug/Sept for teams that will play in the fall, winter and following summer. Therefore, athletes should do extra work in order to prepare for these tryouts. Occasionally, these teams will hold additional tryouts during the winter in order to fill in any holes on their teams.
  • Many college coaches bypass watching high school games in order to watch elite players on club teams. They feel that there is a greater concentration of strong players at these tournaments and thus easier to find potential recruits. For more information, please visit the wiki's section on Lacrosse College Recruiting.
  • Top teams can provide better college recruiting opportunities & off-season training but they also can be very cut throat with significant player turnover. Lower level teams often provide more playing time for borderline elite players (as many elite teams focus mainly on their starters and secondary players can get less playing time). Lower level teams may have better team camaraderie (as they are usually less cut throat). However, these teams are less likely to be watched by college coaches and team basics might suffer due to some less skilled players.
  • Elite lacrosse club teams often have more power to help their players get an invite to the best lacrosse showcases (i,e. Maverik Showtime).
  • If your son does not make a top team, parents need to decide whether it is better to play on a less competitive club's A team or the B team of a top club team. Unfortunately, sometimes B teams get less attention from the parent organization.
  • Given that everyone wants to play for an "A" team, B teams are now sometimes called A teams and A teams are called AA teams. If told that your son has been selected for the A team after tryouts, parents should ask if it is the top or second team for that grade.
  • Check the cost of each program as they can vary greatly given the number of practices, tournament fees, mandatory equipment (i.e. team helmets), etc. Parents should be prepared to pay large fees for these elite programs. In addition, parents will need to cover hotel and travel costs because often these elite teams play out of state.
  • Families should also be prepared for a large time commitment due to frequent practices and out of state tournaments. Many top teams practice almost year round.
  • Be prepared to deal with the issue of some very competitive parents holding back or reclassifying their children purely for sports reasons in order to gain a competitive "age" advantage for their child. Some elite club teams have multiple players who have been held back or reclassified.
  • Make sure you know who will be coaching your child. Are you getting an established coach or some college kid on his summer break?
  • Talk to other parents on prospective club teams in order to get an idea of the training provided, coaching style, playing time (starters versus non-starters), etc.

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