Lacrosse Controversies & Problems

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Lacrosse Controversies & Problems

Lacrosse is a great sport. However, like all sports, lacrosse faces a number of controversies. This page does not judge whether they are right or wrong. Rather, it lists issues that lacrosse athletes and parents need to be aware of. Some of these issues are major controversies and others are relatively minor. Please contact us to add more lacrosse controversies & problems to this list.

Members - Do not take a position on the lacrosse issues below. Rather, please add new issues or try to explain both sides of an existing controversy. If you are troubled by any of these issues, please contact your town lacrosse officials, club team directors & US Lacrosse to make them aware of your concerns.

List of Lax Controversies & Problems

  • Should club teams be based on a child's birth year or school graduation year?
    1. An increasing number of children have been held back a grade for a number of reasons (i.e. medical, developmental or even for lacrosse). This has resulted in some lacrosse teams being older than teams with children who have not been held back.
  • Are hold backs a danger to younger and less developed opponents?
    1. In youth lacrosse, kids who have been held back tend to be older and larger than other kids in their grade.
  • Should the contact rules in lacrosse be modified?
    1. Lacrosse is a contact sport and there is an increasing number of concussions suffered in lacrosse.
    2. In 2014, US Lacrosse revised the rules for youth lacrosse so that a player can only check within 3 yards of the ball (versus the previous 5 yard rule) in order to reduce violent collisions.
  • Crazy lacrosse parents
  • Do coaches kids get an unfair advantage where their father is the coach?
  • Overly intense youth lacrosse coaches
  • Does lacrosse suffer due to the lack of minority lacrosse players?
    1. The high cost of lacrosse equipment & training has limited the availability of lacrosse in some poorer communities.
    2. Since a professional lacrosse player is not highly compensated, many athletes in poorer communities skip lacrosse for potentially higher-paying sports such as basketball, football, baseball, etc.
  • Has college recruiting for lacrosse become too intense?
  • Is lacrosse a dead-end sport for a potential professional athlete?
    1. Some parents with children who are top athletes wonder if they should even consider lacrosse because the salaries of professional lacrosse players are extremely low versus the NBA, NFL, etc.
  • Should athletes concentrate on lacrosse year-round or should they be multi-sport athletes?
  • Has lacrosse become too commercial with year-round tournaments, hold backs, etc.?

Poll - Should Summer Club Teams Be Age-Based or Grade-Based?

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