Lacrosse Exclamation Dodge - Instructions, Videos, etc.

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Lacrosse Exclamation Dodge - Instructions, Videos, etc.

This page will teach you how to do a lacrosse exclamation dodge. This dodge is used to surprise the defense. It is especially good against a slower defender… as are most dodges! This dodge is also called an exclamation point dodge and an exclamation mark dodge.

For more information on other dodges, please visit the main Lacrosse Dodges section.


  • From X, you will sprint until you are 5-10 yards in front of the goal.
  • You will quickly pivot and shoot (see video below). Your shot is often combined with a jump as you leap away from the trailing defender, See the Lacrosse Jumpshot Technique section for more information on this type of lacrosse shooting technique.
  • Players can also use a quick sidearm shot or underhand shot in order to score from this dodge.
  • On their non-dominant side, some players use a lacrosse shovel or backhand shot versus using their non-dominant hand (i.e. left hand to shoot).
  • This maneuver needs to be quick as you are trying to catch the goalie off guard. The goalie may be more relaxed because you are not running towards the goal nor curling back as in a question mark dodge.

Demonstration Videos for the Lacrosse Exclamation Dodge

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