List of Potential Lacrosse Injuries

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List of Potential Lacrosse Injuries

While infrequent, injuries do occur in lacrosse. Lacrosse injuries are usually minor but there is a risk for more severe injuries (like any other contact sports). We have listed a number of potential lacrosse injuries below. However, be aware that proper stretching, strengthening and conditioning exercises can help to moderate (but not eliminate) the potential for some of these injuries. In addition, you should always seek medical attention if your child has suffered any moderate/severe sports injury! For medical advice regarding any of these injuries, please see your doctor.

Common Lacrosse Injuries

  • Bruises - Beginners often wield their sticks like axes and this can result in bruises (and slashing penalties). Kids also can receive bruises when hit by errant lacrosse balls. You need to make sure your son wears all of his proper protective gear (including his cup). In addition, you need to ensure that everything fits properly (i.e. gloves and arm pads cover his complete arms and do not leave any bare skin exposed).
  • Sprained ankles - Your son should consider wearing high top cleats in order to hopefully minimize this problem. He should also stretch and strengthen his leg muscles and ankles.
  • Pulled hamstrings - To reduce the potential for this injury, your son should stretch his hamstrings before and after games/practices.

Less Frequent But More Severe Potential Lacrosse Injuries

  • Heat exhaustion - Coaches should make sure players drinks lots of water on hot days when practicing or playing lacrosse.
  • Rib fractures - You should consider encouraging your son to wear optional rib pads if your son is receiving too many painful poke checks to the ribs. Rib fractures can be an issue for attackmen and middies as they seek to penetrate an opponent's defense (and experience numerous hard defensive poke checks).
  • Hand, wrist, arm and shoulder fractures - These are injuries can be caused by slashing, body checks, etc. You need to make sure your son wears all of his equipment and there is no exposed body parts.
  • Torn ligaments - This can be a problem in lacrosse due to sharp "cuts" (changes of direction while running) and/or body contact.
  • Dislocations - Due to collisions in lacrosse, it is possible suffer dislocation injuries (i.e. dislocated shoulders).
  • Concussions - Make sure that your son's helmet fits properly and he has a good mouth guard. Also make sure that coaches are enforcing rules regarding illegal checks and know how to identify concussions. Please see a doctor if you think your son has suffered a concussion!
  • Commotio Cordis (Sudden Cardiac Arrest) - This is a rare situation where a ball hits a child in the chest causing his heart to stop (you hear about this injury a lot in baseball but it does occur infrequently in lacrosse as well). Make sure your child wears proper chest protection (versus the more modest chest protection offered in starter packages). Also make sure that you and/or your coaches know CPR & how to use an AED (automated external defibrillator) in order to help anyone who suffers this type of injury.

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