Lacrosse Off-Season Training - Instructions, Tips, Videos, etc.

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Lacrosse Off-Season Training - Instructions, Tips, Videos, etc.

Off-season training for lacrosse athletes doesn't mean a crazy regime of lifting weights or special lacrosse tutors. However, here are a few simple ideas that you use can use to improve your lacrosse skills in the off-season.

  • Participate in off-season sports (i.e. soccer, basketball, football, track, etc.). This will help to build endurance, strength, coordination, footwork, etc.
  • Wall ball is a critical off-season training tool for beginners. Wall ball is free, can be practiced without a partner and is the fastest way to improve basic stick skills (i.e. catching, passing and shooting). Visit our lacrosse wall ball drills page for off-season training ideas.
  • Sign up for a few off-season lacrosse clinics or summer camps. Many families focus on clinics during the Jan-March time period in order to prep their kids right before the regular spring lacrosse season. However, the most dedicated families sign up their kids for year-round training.
  • Watch lacrosse instructional videos on Youtube and/or lacrosse games on TV in order to learn how lacrosse players should react in different game situations.
  • Consider buying a lacrosse goal so you can practicing shooting in the backyard.
  • Work on your off-hand (non-dominant hand). Catching, passing and shooting equally well with either hand is the mark on an elite player.
  • Make up your own personal lacrosse drill sessions. Focus on areas that are not covered by wall ball such as ground balls, behind the net techniques, etc. Visit our lacrosse drills section for many different lacrosse drills (i.e. shooting, passing, defense, etc.) that you can use to improve your lacrosse skills.
  • Work on your speed, endurance and agility. You need to become a better athlete in the off-season. This can be done with sprints, hill runs, agility ladders, change of direction drills, etc. Visit our lacrosse endurance and lacrosse agility sections for additional training ideas.
  • Lacrosse athletes should do plyometric exercises in order to improve their "explosive" power (i.e. to get a quicker start to a dodge or greater shooting power).
  • Work on your strength. This will enable you to shoot harder and/or to defend against larger players. Make sure to work on your lower body (legs), upper body and core… not just your biceps! For strength training ideas, please visit the section on lacrosse strength training.
  • Most lacrosse beginners are too young to utilize weight training. However, you can build up your son's lacrosse strength by encouraging him to do simple body weight exercises such as push-ups, pull-ups, the plank and crunches (which utilize only the child's own body weight to make them stronger).
  • Improve your diet (i.e. cut down on sodas and snacks). If a player can lose a few pounds of baby fat, he will have more endurance and speed (as he will be carrying around less weight).

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