List of Lacrosse Penalties, Personal Fouls, Illegal Procedures, etc.

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List of Lacrosse Penalties, Personal Fouls, Illegal Procedures, etc.

This page helps to explain a wide variety of potential lacrosse penalties (such as slashing and cross checks). These illegal procedures and fouls can result in many types of penalties ranging from losing the ball to ejection from the game. Remember that youth, high school and college rules can differ.

Potential Lacrosse Penalties

  • Cross Check - A cross check is an illegal check where a player uses the portion of his lacrosse stick between his hands in order to check his opponent.
  • Failure to Advance
  • Holding - Holding is when a player impedes or interferes with the movement of an opponent's body or stick.
  • Illegal Body Check
  • Illegal Equipment
  • Illegal Screen
  • Illegal Stick
  • Interference - Interference occurs when one player interferes with the free movement of an opponent.
  • Off-Sides - A penalty where the requisite numbers of players are not on their side of the field (i.e. three defenders and the goalie). Someone has gone "off-sides" and there are now too many players on one half of the field.
  • Pushing - Pushing is when a player pushes an opponent from behind. When going for the ball, you can only push from the front or side.
  • Slashing - Lashing is a foul where a player swings his stick and hits another player (i.e. hits their helmet).
  • Stalling - Stalling is when a team intentionally holds the ball without advancing toward the goal. For example, a team is up by 1 point in the final period and deliberately just swings the ball around the field without attempting to score.
  • Tripping - Tripping is obstructing an opponent at or below the waist with any part of the stick or body (i.e. putting your stick between an opponent's legs when he is running).
  • Unnecessary Roughness
  • Unsportsmanlike Conduct
  • Warding - Warding is an illegal technique where a player does a one arm cradle and moves his free arm to block an opposing player's stick (versus keeping it stationary).

Coaching Violations

  • Unsportsmanlike behavior
  • Leaving the coaching area
  • Team fails to be ready for play after a two-minute team timeout or following halftime
  • Illegal time-outs
  • Substitution violations

Video Demonstrating A Variety Of Penalties

Referee Detailing Penalties & Ref Signals

Reference Sources

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