Review of Lacrosse Positions - Attack, Midfield, Defense & Goalies

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Review of Lacrosse Positions - Attack, Midfield, Defense & Goalies

Lacrosse players need to pick a position that is right for them. Parents need to help in this decision because kids often get slotted into a lacrosse position and it is hard to get out (i.e. your son is known for his defense and thus a coach is reluctant to switch him later to offense). Therefore, here are some basic tips for picking a lacrosse position for your son or some of the reasons behind the coach's decision regarding your son's position.

  • Attack - These lacrosse players need great stick skills, quickness and shooting accuracy.
  • Midfield - Lacrosse middies need great endurance and speed. They play offense and defense! Midfielders need to be a well-rounded player with lots of heart. If your son isn't willing to hustle back to help out on defense, this isn't the position for him.
  • Defense - Defensemen need strength, quickness (to keep up with speedy attackmen) and solid defensive fundamentals (i.e. help defense). If your kid likes to hit (i.e. throw poke checks), this might be the position for him.
  • Goalies - Lacrosse goalies need to be fearless. They must stop a solid rubber ball that has been fired at them and they will be hit by the ball on occasion.
  • Parents should look for a lacrosse position that their child will enjoy and where they have the skills and physical attributes to succeed. For example - If your son is a kid with little endurance and speed, they might not be cut out initially (because kids can change as they mature) for a midfield position. However, if he only wants to play midfield then encourage him! He will try harder to succeed if this is something that he really wants to do.
  • In a game, a lacrosse team will have 3 attackman (plus a couple of backups), 3 midfielders (plus a number of backups to switch in as midfielders rotate often due to the amount of running), 3 defenders (plus backups) and a goalie. Therefore, a typical lacrosse team could carry 20-22 kids.
  • Many towns have lacrosse travel teams and "house" teams. The travel teams are for the better lacrosse players who specialize in a particular position and who are willing to devote more time to practices and games. The house teams tend to have less experienced players but these kids are more likely to be able to try different positions. Many house players move up to the lacrosse travel teams over the years as they hone their skills.

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