Medicine Ball Slams - Lacrosse Strength & Conditioning

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Medicine Ball Slams - Lacrosse Strength & Conditioning

Medicine ball slams are used in lacrosse to build shooting strength. This medicine ball exercise builds functional strength by involving arm, shoulder and core muscles as a single coordinated group. Athletes should hold the medicine ball above their head and slam it into the floor. If they can, they should catch the rebound and repeat the exercise. This medicine ball exercise is also known as Slam Downs.

For an even more difficult exercise and greater conditioning, lacrosse players can use a non-rubber medicine ball that does not bounce. This will force the athlete to work even harder by bending down to pick up the medicine ball. If a lacrosse player uses a rubber medicine ball, they should be care that it does not bounce up and hit them in the face.

This simple exercise is a full range of motion exercise because an athlete works on many muscles together at the same time versus many traditional exercises that build muscle in isolation (i.e. curls). Medicine ball slams are also a plyometric exercise because an athlete must explosively throw the ball down in order to catch the rebound (versus the slow lift and/or decline used in many traditional exercises). In lacrosse, players use lots of fast, powerful movements which benefit from plyometric exercises versus static isolation exercises.

For other functional medicine ball drills, please visit the wiki's section on Lacrosse Plyometric Exercises. All stretches and exercises should be supervised by a trained lacrosse or fitness instructor in order to prevent injuries and to ensure the proper technique is utilized.

Medicine Ball Slams

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