Trail Check - Lacrosse Stick Check

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Trail Check - Lacrosse Stick Check

The trail check (or tomahawk check) is usually a desperation check when a lacrosse player has been burnt by an opponent. This is often a lacrosse stick check used when an opponent has dodged past a player and the player is "trailing" behind the opposing athlete. A player will bring his stick down vertical like a Tomahawk and hope to dislodge the ball from an opponent if he is hanging his stick (not closely protecting the stick).

Nevertheless, advanced lacrosse players will often practice & utilize the trail check because it is useful for dislodging the ball when an opponent is about to pass or shoot. To be successful, the trail check needs speed, accuracy and timing because the opponent's stick is unlikely to be open for long. See the video below for instructional tips on how to throw an effective lacrosse trail check.

Be aware that a trail check can often result in a slashing penalty for younger or less advanced players because there is a good chance of hitting an opponent's helmet (as the player brings his stick down vertically near the opponent's head). For this reason, youth coaches will encourage younger players to use other stick checks such as poke checks.

For other stick checks (i.e. ding dong check), please visit the wiki's main Lacrosse Stick Checks section.

Instructional Video for Lacrosse Trail Checks

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