Huge Selection of Used Lacrosse Equipment

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Huge Selection of Used Lacrosse Equipment

This page provides you with a wide range of inexpensive used lacrosse equipment. As you know, lacrosse can be very expensive (i.e. the high cost of new equipment, lax clinics and lacrosse summer camps). Therefore, you should think about buying used lacrosse equipment in order to save some money. Many players take up lacrosse without realizing that it can be physically demanding & time consuming. After a season, they give up & quit. As a result, you can buy used lacrosse gear that is almost brand new often at huge discounts to the original price. Moreover, used lacrosse gear makes great & low-cost holiday and birthday gifts.

Basic Used Lacrosse Equipment

  • Lacrosse Heads - Make sure you get the right lacrosse heads for the right position (i.e. the Brine Clutch has a narrow neck designed for shooting accuracy).
    1. Lacrosse Attack Heads
    2. Lacrosse Defense Heads
    3. Lacrosse Goalie Heads
  • Lacrosse Shafts - More advanced lacrosse shafts are made out of light weight metals such as titanium. Used lacrosse shafts will save you money as advanced lacrosse shafts can be very expensive.
    1. Lacrosse Attack Shafts
    2. Lacrosse Defense Shafts
    3. Lacrosse Goalie Shafts
  • Lacrosse Helmets - This page has adult and youth lacrosse helmets.
  • Lacrosse Gloves - Your child will be slashed on the hand often so get good lacrosse gloves. Lax gloves can be very expensive so look for some good used lacrosse gloves.
  • Lacrosse Elbow Guards - Elbows are another area that gets "whacked" often during lacrosse so look for good elbow and arm guards.
  • Lacrosse Rib Protectors - If your child is getting poke checked in the ribs during the game, you should consider getting him some used lacrosse rib protection.
  • Lacrosse Shoulder Pads - Try to get better lacrosse shoulder pads/chest protector as your son will be hit by errant balls and sticks.
  • Lacrosse Cleats - You want good lacrosse cleats in order avoid slipping on a wet field. My boys like high top cleats because they are less likely that they will accidentally come off if someone steps on your heel during the game.
  • Lacrosse Goalie Equipment - Used lacrosse gear for goalies.
  • Lacrosse Starter Sets - Lacrosse starter sets are a good & cheap way to outfit a kid who is just starting out in lacrosse. They provide most of the basic equipment that your child will need (i.e. gloves, chest protector, etc.). Why waste a ton of money if your child is going to quit after one season in order to play soccer?

Used Lacrosse Training Equipment

  • Lacrosse Balls - Your son will lose many lacrosse balls during practice. Therefore, consider buying used lacrosse balls in order to save some money. New lacrosse balls can cost $2 to $3 each.
  • Lacrosse Bags - Buy a large used lacrosse bag so your son doesn't lose any gear at his practices or games.
  • Lacrosse Goals & Nets - Used lacrosse goals & nets are a cheap way to improve your son's shooting skills. Put one in the back yard.
  • Lacrosse Walls, Rebounders & Bounce Backs - Lacrosse walls are great for practicing lax at home versus bouncing a ball off your house! Lax walls are also known as lacrosse bounce backs, lax rebounders, lax practice walls, throwbacks, etc.
  • Lacrosse Backstops - Losing lacrosse balls when shooting on the net? Damaging your neighbor's house with your wild shots? Consider using a lacrosse backstop to "back up" your lacrosse goal and prevent stray shots.

Used Lacrosse Equipment by Category & Brand Name

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